Sunday, November 6, 2011

CD Racks and Floor Standing Speakers

What have CD Racks and floor standing speakers got in common, you may ask yourself? Well if you like your music then two of the largest items you are going to own (or aspire to own) are some floor standing speakers and storage for CD's. These two items need to be chosen with care because unlike the electronic based items (amplifier and CD player) these two are going to be with you for a long time. Not only that but they are also large items of furniture that should be chosen with same care that you would choose any other furniture to go in your home.

Technically I know that speakers are electronic systems but the electronic technology hasn't really changed greatly in them in the past twenty years, and it's unlikely to in then next twenty. So if you're looking for some speakers then you need to bare this in mind. Spend more of your budget on speakers than you do on your amplifier and CD player because they will definitely outlive you CD player and maybe even your amp. The difficulty with choosing the speakers is that there is always a difficult decision to be made - you'll find some great looking speakers that sound OK, or you'll find some fantastic looking speakers that look dire. But then that's part of the fun.

Choosing a way to store CD's is always a difficult decision. You need to choose a CD rack that allows you to either add more modules to allow for you ever expanding CD collection or you need to but one big enough in the first place to store all the CD's you think you may purchase. Either way it's a problem, a half full CD rack never looks great, but on the other hand there are very few systems that you can add to that look good.

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